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Pest Control services

**Please call for a quote for homes over 8,000 ft 

We use organic sprays, essential oil, cedar and citrus based products to kill and repel pests from your home as well as bait systems inside to kill any pests inside. We will send you a reminder a few days before coming so if you want us to come inside we can treat inside. If you are not home we will treat the outside only and you can call us for an appointment if you have issues and need us to come inside. Retreatments do not push back quarterly treatment dates.

Prices: $69 for condos and townhomes
Single Family Homes: $99 and up

We offer green termite protection using bait systems. We offer installation as well as yearly bonds that include retreatment and repair. Installation ranges $499 and up. Yearly bonds begin at $225 and up.



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^ The quotes above are estimates. Prices may vary once we see your home.

We have FIVE ways for you to save on our services! Call or email us today and we can send you all the ways to save! Neighborhoods can save up to 15% and get free common area treatments on outdoor services! 

*Disclaimer: Green Queen services are nontoxic for humans and pets when Green Queen recommended 100% organic options only are chosen and used per manufacturer instructions. All options, including the 100% organic options and the non-organic options, are considered safe by the US government when used per manufacturer instructions. If hybrid options are chosen (e.g. options that include both organic and non-organic supplies) or cleaning supplies are supplied by the customer for use by Green Queen, there are no “nontoxic” claims made.