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5-star Rating

5-star Rating

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Turf and Lawn Services

Options: 100% Organic or Hybrid Programs

Organic: 100% organic fertilizing and weed control
Hybrid: 100% organic program and in addition two traditional pre-emergent applications to prevent weeds

Actual Organic Yard

• 100% non-toxic fertilizing and weed control
• 9 treatments per year with additional options
• $60+ for a yard under 2000 sq. ft.
• $65+ for 2001 - 3000 sq. ft.
• $70+ for 3001 - 4000 sq. ft.
• $75+ for 4001 - 5000 sq. ft.
• $80+ for 5001 - 6000 sq. ft.
• $90+ for 6001 - 7500 sq. ft.
• add $12 per treatment per 1000 sq. ft.  
• Flower beds not included
• Ask about our additional eco-friendly services such as seeding, aeration, composting, fertilizing ornamentals, and corn gluten applications.

^ The quotes above are estimates. Prices may vary once we see your home.

We have FIVE ways for you to save on our services! Call or email us today and we can send you all the ways to save! Neighborhoods can save up to 5% and get free common area treatments on outdoor services! 

*Disclaimer: Green Queen services are reduced risk for humans and pets when Green Queen recommended 100% botanically-based options only are chosen and used per manufacturer instructions. All options, including the 100% botanically-based options and the traditional options, are considered approved for use by the US government when used per manufacturer instructions. If hybrid options are chosen (e.g. options that include both botanical and traditional supplies) or cleaning supplies are supplied by the customer for use by Green Queen, there are no “green” claims made.

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