The Best Natural Anti-Aging Remedies

In this day and age when I’m trying to stay young forever, there seems to be a new product for every wrinkle. But have you ever stopped to look at what GMOs are in your products?

It’s true: Anti-aging products can be loaded with chemicals like endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. Think you have to give up your quest for self-confidence in order to avoid chemicals? Not today!

There are so many new natural anti-aging products coming on the market that work great and will keep you looking young. Watch & read below to learn some of my favorites.

Face Neck & Chest

Don’t forget to treat your neck and chest just as you do your face. These are areas that show age even faster than your face! The best natural anti-aging lotions and potions to keep this areas staying young are…


Yellow teeth are a quick sign sign of aging. Keep your teeth white without the toxins found in toothpaste and mouthwash.

  • Oil Pulling
  • Charcoal tooth scrub


Dry brittle hair is a sure sign of aging! Keep your hair soft and smooth with these natural anti-aging hair products.

  • Nubian Heritage Deep conditioner
  • Argan oil for flyways and protection
  • John Masters Pomade to protect hair while heating!
  • DIY: Apple Cider Vinegar, water and essential oil



Use castor oil on your eyelashes daily to help thicken them. The day before you want to try it, use a patch test and put some castor oil on your skin to make sure you don’t see irritation.

To apply, at night before bed, use a Qeyeliner brush and apply a small amount on the eyelashes.

Warning: DO NOT GET CASTER OIL IN YOUR EYE! If you do, wash your eye out immediately.

Wash off the castor oil in the morning and see thicker eyelashes.


  • Sally B’s at night or on the go!
  • DIY: Tallow, coconut oil or shea butter and gloves overnight (wash the gloves every few days!


Other Things You Can Do

  • Try dry needling
  • Eat lots of healthy fats (salmon, olive oil, avocado)
  • Give a hyperbaric chamber weekly a shot
  • Drink tons of water and stay away from soda

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