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6 No-Brainer Ideas for Staying Green on Vacation

So you’re taking the family on a Spring Break trip.

Or that summer vacation is right around the corner.

Sure, that means lots of fun and relaxation. And whether you’re going to the beach, the mountains, or just laying poolside… you don’t have to give up the green life while you’re on vacation.

In fact, here are 6 no-brainer ways to stay healthy, organic and non-toxic while enjoying your time off.

#1 – Take a Canvas Raft Instead

Whether at the pool, ocean, lake or river, you’re probably going to be using a raft in the coming spring and summer months.

Unfortunately, most rafts available today are made with PVC. You’ll know they’re made with this harmful material because they’ll have that familiar beach ball smell. That’s not good – that smell means thematerial contains lead and phthalate.

What to do instead? Opt for canvas rafts. Yep – the kind you used when you were a kid. They’re completely toxic free and work just as well, if not better. They’re a good option for staying green on vacation.

#2 – Wear Clothing with SPF Protection

A lot of people think you have to wear your sunscreen all the time in order to get protection. But there are now companies who offer clothing and hats with built-in sunscreen – and they’re stylish.

Coolibar is just one of the brands that offers hats, women’s and children’s clothing. This brand has built in SPF 50 into all of its clothing AND it’s fashionable. You can even get mother-daughter matching styles. It’s a win-win: You’re safe from harmful rays, but still look good.

Don’t forget to keep your kiddos protected from the sun with clothing. For example, you can purchase swimsuits with SPF built right into the fabric.

Finally, try naturally made flip flops. We love Feelgoodz brand – they’re made from natural rubber, and they are SO comfortable. You’ll never go back to plastic flip-flops again.

#3 Use Non-Toxic Sunscreen

Everyone needs sunscreen year round, but it’s especially important when you’ll be experiencing prolonged time outside over Spring Break or summer vacation.

The first rule of choosing a sunscreen is reading the label – look for something with no chemicals and that is non-toxic. California Baby and Badger are good options.

Also, just because the label says its green, organic or non-toxic… doesn’t necessarily mean it works. Try a small spot of sunscreen on your child to make sure it works before applying it all over. This is one of the best ways for staying green on vacation.

#4 – Opt for Furniture Made of Natural Materials

Did you know pool and beach furniture can be full of toxins? Your best bet is to opt for wood materials made without any fillers, plastics, or other materials. We recommend GloDea, a company that only uses Alabama pine to construct its portable lounge chairs and tables. The best part is, you can get it in a variety of colors!

#5- Get an Eco-Friendly Tent

Whether it’s in the North Georgia mountains or in your own back yard, everyone loves a little tent time during the spring and summer months.

Staying green on vacation – even if it’s camping in the woods – is easier than you may think. For example, if you’re going to buy a tent anyway, choose one that’s eco-friendly!

Big Agnes tents are made 100% from recyclable materials and they look just like any other tent. If you need sleeping bags, they also have those that are made from recyclable materials, too.

#6 – Say No to Bugs the All-Natural Way

The worst part about the warm weather is always the bugs – flies, mosquitos, ticks… you name it.

You can pull out the generic bug spray. But we’ll warn you – those are full of harmful chemicals and toxins you probably don’t want on your skin, much less your children’s.

It’s actually easy to pick up non-toxic bug spray options the same place you get the regular kind. In fact, you can get our favorite brand – ecoSmart – right at Target.

Conclusion: Staying Green On Vacation Isn’t That Hard

Keeping up with the eco-friendly, non-toxic, all-natural lifestyle you love while on vacation? It’s not that hard after all.

Use these simple ideas to enjoy your time off and stick to the organic products you love.

For more tips on vacations, listen in to our founder Jennifer Hankey on Atlanta and Company:

Here’s to eco-friendly, healthy Spring Breaks and summer vacations!

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