5 Toxic Household Supplies You Need To Ditch Today

We get that going green can be overwhelming, what with all the changes you have to make. But there are some simple and small steps anyone can take to live a more sustainable life today.

Don’t be a deer in the headlights and just do nothing because you don’t know where to start. Do one little thing a day, like eating an apple or switching laundry detergent, until it becomes a habit. Don’t overhaul everything, take it slow.

In fact, we encourage you to pick one of these 5 toxic household supplies to ditch. Go with it until it becomes a habit, then pick another.

#1 Throw Out the Fake Scents

Unnatural scents like those in air fresheners are linked to cancer and hormone disruption. That’s because they contain hundreds – if not thousands – of chemicals.

That’s not to say you can’t have a pleasant smelling home.

Essential oil diffusers are an organic alternative to air fresheners. And the best part about them is you don’t have to keep spraying the scent since it’s diffusing all the time.

Big Dipper Wax Works is our all time favorite candle maker. It uses 100% pure beeswax to make all their products. The beeswax actually cleans your air while it’s burning. Big Dipper makes candles in all shapes and sizes, so you have lots of options.

If you have a sensitive nose or just don’t care about scents that much, try fake candles. These battery-operated candles look real, but don’t have a flame or give off any smell.

#2 Toss the Dryer Sheets

We know, we know… the fresh scent dryer sheets give is almost addictive. The bad part is when that smell lasts weeks, which is almost always does. The chemicals in the dryer sheets are taking their effect, and that means you and your family are being exposed to and breathing in all those chemicals… for weeks.

Get rid of those dryer sheets once and for all! Instead, use wool balls in the dryer with your clothes and bedding. It will achieve the same effect as dryer sheets. Bog Berry Dryer Balls makes biodegradable and chemical-free dryer balls.

If you run into the issue of static while using wool dryer balls, there’s an easy fix for that. Take a safety pin and stick it into the dryer ball. This will eliminate all the static from your wash.

For eco-friendly scents in your laundry, try essential oils. Add a few drops into your wash – not the dryer – and your clothes will be smelling fresh and clean.

Get Green Thumb Ready

Keeping plants alive is tricky for a lot of people. But it’s well worth the effort: A houseplant will clean your air of formaldehyde and other toxins better than anything else.

We prefer different kinds of lilies because they only need watering every few days and they’ll live forever.

The best recommendation is to have two to three plants per room. But make sure the plants you do choose aren’t harmful to your fur babies.

# 4 Overhaul Personal Care

Personal care items can be expensive. You don’t want to throw them all out just to go green. But when you do run out, try a green alternative.

Want to know just how bad your beauty and skincare products are for you? The Environmental Working Group will tell you just how toxic your products are and provide you a list of smarter, safer options.

Again, this doesn’t mean you need to throw out all your products right now. Whenever you finish with one, instead of buying the same brand that’s filled with chemicals, buy the organic alternative.

#5 Clean Up Your Cleaning Supplies

Traditional cleaning supplies release all sorts of chemicals into the air, making your home not as safe and healthy as it could be. It can be a struggle to find green products that are equivalent in quality to traditional cleaning products, but we have some that do the trick.

There had never been a green aerosol, so it’s been a real problem, especially around young children. That’s until Seventh Generation introduced a plant-based aerosol. You can spray and clean to your heart’s content without worrying about affecting your family or the environment.

Branch Basics has an all-in-one cleaner perfect for taking care of everything from kitchens to bathrooms. Its Concentrate product comes with small bottles, so you can fill them with water and add as much, or as little, cleaner as you want.

Another product we love for cleaning is Force of Nature. Just mix vinegar, salt and water and put it into the activator base. This creates a disinfectant almost as strong as bleach, but safe to use throughout the whole house. Best part – it costs next to nothing.

Conclusion: Get With the Green Program

It’s hard changing your routine to fit a new lifestyle, but that’s exactly why we came up with this list. Take it one step at a time and you’ll be on your way to a healthier and greener life.

If you have any questions or want to look at more brands we love, check out our website and we’ll help you get to where you want to be.

And watch our CEO give more tips on easy + simple changes you can make to your routine:

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