3 Non-Toxic Turf and Lawn Care Tips

Sure, it’s important to make sure you go green when it comes to your everyday health and wellness.

But it is just as crucial to make sure your outdoor fun is spend toxin free.

In Atlanta, we love our time spend outside, planting flowers and mowing the lawn. That’s why it just makes sense to care for our yard as well as we care for ourselves.

There are easy, natural ways to protect your family from chemicals and pesticides that fill regular yard care products. These are our top 3 non-toxic turf and lawn care tips.

#1 – Stop Swatting Bugs

Before you go out and buy expensive chemical bug repellent, try making your own first.

Just add 30-50 drops of essential oils – tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint or cedar – to water. And presto!

No more need to buy chemical mosquito spray. This can be used in the front yard, back yard and even on yourself.

If you simply don’t have time to make your own bug spray, but are still concerned with what you put on your body, we recommend Badger for all natural bug repellent. Badger also offers anti-bug sunscreen that was rated very highly for family-friendliness and natural sun protection.

DynaTrap is also a safe, green way to get rid of those pesky bugs in your backyard without using a spray.

Just plug in one or more of these safe, non-toxic traps. Mosquitoes and other bugs will be attracted to it, eliminating all your outdoor pests.

Remember, the less bugs you have in your yard, the less bugs attacking you.

#2 – Keep Calm and Pull Weeds

Chemicals used in weed control are concerning, so try to avoid pesticides whenever you can.

In fact, The American Academy of Pediatrics has asked parents to use the least toxic option available.

One company offering pesticide-free weed spray is EcoSmart. Acidic vinegar from EcoSmart is 20% pure vinegar. This means it’s powerful, so be careful when using it near grass and plants.

You can apply EcoSmart to pesky weeds growing in your driveway and sidewalk to kill them. Basically, it’s a safe alternative to RoundUp.

To keep chemicals out of your gardens, look for lead and thallic-free garden hoses.

If you can’t get around to buying one of these hoses, let the water run for a bit when you first turn on your hose. This should clear out most of the toxins.

#3 – Give Your Garden Healthy Green Love

If you’re growing a garden, especially a vegetable or herb garden, you want to make sure you’re using non-toxic turf and lawn care fertilizer.

You’ll ingest whatever you grow, so it is vital whatever you apply to your plants is chemical free.

Farmer D is an Atlanta company who strives to empower people to grow healthy foods and sustainable communities. It sells safe, organic fertilizer, compost and planting mix.

If you don’t feel like doing all the research to find the best environmentally safe yard supplies, see our list of recommended companies that provide exceptional service and products that are safe for the whole family.

Conclusion: Get On Board with Non-Toxic Turf and Lawn Care

Going green with your turf and lawn care isn’t that hard. Making just a few simple changes ensures that you ditch the chemicals for your outdoor living.

To hear more ideas for easy green lawn care solutions, listen to our CEO Jennifer Hankey on Atlanta + Co:

And if you’d like more information on The Green Queen’s non-toxic turn and lawn care services, just reach out to us for a quote. Our services don’t cost any more than our competitors, but they’re better for people, pollinators, pets and the planet.