5 Simple Steps to a Healthy New Year

Have you wanted to be healthier and lead a less toxic lifestyle but feel OVERWHELMED by all the changes you need to make? A lot of times we feel paralyzed to do anything because we feel we have so much to do. The best changes are SMALL SIMPLE STEPS that are SUSTAINABLE, so they become part of a new lifestyle! So instead of overhauling your life… here are 5 simple steps that ANYONE can do to have a healthy new year for their home and family!


  1. SWAP THE SCENTS! Get rid of products that produce carcinogens, endocrine dirupstiors but keep smells you love! Toss candles and other fragrance products! Opt for dryer essential oil diffusers and beeswax candles scented with essential oils (Avoid soy candles too!)


  1. TOSS THE DRYER SHEETS! Throw out the dryer sheets. The chemicals stick to your clothes and surround you in chemicals 24/7 for weeks or months! Opt for dryer balls. Add EOS to the wash for scent and a safety pin to the ball for static!


  1. BUY SOME PLANTS! Plants clean the air! If you put 2-3 plants in a room they will effectively clean formaldehyde and other toxins from your air!


  1. OVERHAUL YOUR PERSONAL CARE (but one at a time). Every time you run out of something. Search for a safer option and switch! 


  1. CLEAN UP YOUR CLEANING PRODUCTS: Did you know that according to the Environmental Working Group that tests the chemicals in products that many of your favorite big brands including the most popular disinfectants and floor cleaners are ranked an F on a scale of A-F for toxicity? Some are linked to infertility, cancer and more! We are eating off the counters, having babies crawling on the floors. It is time for healthier options for your family! Green cleaners have come a LONG way and work just as well as their traditional counterparts. As you run out of your next product…head to the EWG or to your local heath food store to get a green cleaner!

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