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Atlanta, GA


"Green Queen services are top of the line and amazing.  We use them for home cleaning and they are always prompt, professional, and do a wonderful job.  The fact that the cleaning is nontoxic is especially important to me.  I can't say enough about this company and the wonderful impact they have on our community."

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Pests, termites, and wildlife

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Services that are better for people, pets, pollinators, and the planet

We are more than a service... we are a movement for healthier families.

Join us and make a difference in your community too.

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Many of the services we use today use chemicals that have been shown in studies to harm our health. Children and pets are particularly affected by these chemicals used in our cleaning, pest control and lawns. Many have been shown to be asthmagens, allergens, carcinogens (cause cancer), endocrine disruptors (affect hormones), and neurotoxins (affect the brain). *

At Green Queen and Hankey Pest Control we care about your health and the health of your family and pets. We care about pollinators and the planet. We strive to use the safest products we can in the organic program we offer and our hybrid programs cut the use of traditional chemicals more than 50%!. We provide safe, effective, high quality services at reasonable prices and have the best customer service in town.

- Why "Green"? -

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*Disclaimer: Green Queen services are nontoxic for humans and pets when Green Queen recommended 100% organic options only are chosen and used per manufacturer instructions. All options, including the 100% organic options and the non-organic options, are considered safe by the US government when used per manufacturer instructions. If hybrid options are chosen (e.g. options that include both organic and non-organic supplies) or cleaning supplies are supplied by the customer for use by Green Queen, there are no “nontoxic” claims made.